Workshop Picture 1The aim of our three-part nadi vigyan workshop is to create inspiring experiences and impart practical skills that empower participants to further develop their own Ayurveda practices with more enthusiasm, confidence, personal satisfaction as well as therapeutic success.

Compared with other subjects in Ayurveda, relatively little information is available on nadi vigyan. However, there are still traditional schools of thought and unbroken lineages in India that have kept the practice of pulse reading alive by passing it on in the classical way from guru to shishya (master to student). This 3-part series of workshops will cover the basic concepts and principles of the Siddhaved tradition of pulse readers, who use this art & science not only as a diagnostic technique, but also as a means of “entering into the heart of the patient” to create trust as well as a powerful experience of transformation.

To learn the art of pulse reading, knowledge of Ayurveda and the correct technique are very important. However, “Knowing is not Doing, Doing is Doing”. These weekends will therefore combine theoretical knowledge with interactive practical sessions and specific processes that aim to enhance your focus and sensitivity as a pulse reader. We will also share many practical concepts that we were taught by our teachers in India and which we have found to be of enormous benefit both during our studies and as practitioners.

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Part 1: tbc
Part 2: tbc
Part 3: tbc
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