Ayurvedic Cooking for the Healthy Nourishment of Body, Mind & Emotions

If you love eating healthily and would like to learn how to cook delicious & organic vegetarian food according to Ayurvedic principles, then please join us for an evening of cooking and sampling that will re-inspire you in the kitchen and provide you with some inspiration and ideas to transform your health.

During this workshop you will:

  • Understand the importance of the digestive fire for your health and learn which foods help to kindle it
  • Find out about the Ayurvedic six taste theory and discover how food affects your body, mind & emotions
  • Discover the healing properties of the culinary herbs and spices in your kitchen cupboard
  • Learn to cook ghee and mung soup – powerful foods for cleansing and balancing your body
  • Help cook and sample some delicious vegetarian dishes that are quick and easy to prepare
  • Learn a few delicious healthy dessert recipes!

A workshop usually starts with a short introduction to Ayurveda and nutrition, followed by demonstration of certain dishes and at the end we all sit together and enjoy the food we have prepared.

Next Workshop: Once the renovations at our new home of Hackhurst Farm in Lower Dicker are complete we will be offering cooking workshops again in the wonderful courtyard kitchen. Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda and the plants that we find on the land. Please do register your interest and we’ll keep you posted once we’re ready to open!